Anna Lin + Kat Kitay

<aside> 📔 Assignment

  1. Find something that might exist in a Muji-Chindogu style Tokyo Hotel;
  2. Use absurd thinking to break with the usual and critique the normal by making, doing and learning;
  3. Develop an Absurd Device/Gadget/SmartObject ****which focuses on ONE absurd aspect: FORM, FUNCTION, or INTERACTION. </aside>

“Hand-Held” Mouse

Ergonomic “Hand-held” Mouse, inspired by the shape of the 19th-century Wilhelm Zilm chair and surrealist furniture. We will take the internals of a mechanical computer mouse and put them into the absurd form of a skeuomorphic hand.

In the Absurd Hotel in Tokyo, this mouse will be in the Business Center and for purchase in the Gift Shop.